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Suite #101
Color Me Crazy
Wendy Bellou & Brian Fairley
Services/Specialties: ,
Suite #102
Posh City Nails
LaTaijha Thomas
Phone: 901-520-1803
Suite #103
Wanderlust Wax Bar
Olivia Barakat
Services/Specialties: Waxing,
Phone: 901-264-4177
Suite #105
Elo Salon and Dry Bar By Kennan
Kennan Heinz
Suite #106
Stress Free Zone
Bryan Rose
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Head Shaves, Fades, razorFades, Facial Shaves
Phone: 901-674-4649
Suite #107
Hans Bermel Salon
Hans Bermel
Services/Specialties: ,
Suite #108
Delores Porter Hair Salon
Delores Porter
Services/Specialties: ,
Phone: 901-485-0607
Suite #109
Norma Stricklin Hairstylist
Norma Stricklin
Phone: 901-493-1225
Suite #111
Stacey Milton
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts
Phone: 901-653-4954
Suite #112
The Ultimate Experience
Brandy Michelle Hill
Phone: 901-949-5308
Suite #114
Outer Fades
Suite #116
Suite #118
The Nail Room
Suite #119
Canvas Salon
Suite #122
Grow With Glo
Gloria Johnson
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Hair Extensions, Relaxer, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair, Blowouts, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Twist Out, Wash & Flatiron, Braid Out, Protective Styles, Weaving, Wigs Installation, Crochet Weaves, Crochet Braids
Suite #124
Rockin' Braids Salon, Inc.
Services/Specialties: Hair Extensions, Hair braiding, Ethnic hair, Twist Out, Rod Set, Braid Out, Loc Maintenance, Loc Extensions, Loc Repair, Protective Styles, Weaving, Crochet Weaves, Crochet Braids, Sisterlocks(TM), Microlocs, Interlocks
Phone: 615-752-9701
Suite #125
Kelsie Peery Hair
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Hair Extensions, Special Occasion, Balayage, Keratin Treatments
Suite #126
The Kee Barber
Suite #127
Angel Lounge
Suite #128
J Bennett Studio
Suite #129
LIMITLESS Naturals by Sherbert Ratliff Professional Hair Care
Sherbert Ratliff
Services/Specialties: Color, Corrective Color, Ethnic hair, Ombre, Blowouts
Phone: 901-466-6809
Suite #130
Scalp Frenzy "Set by Nette"
Phone: 901-364-1131
Suite #131
Fine Design
Kim Seaborn-Williams
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Perm
Suite #132
Vixen 901~Kathleen
Services/Specialties: Cut / Style, Color, Hair Extensions, Corrective Color, Balayage, Ombre, Keratin Treatments, Blowouts
Phone: 9013879297
Suite #133
The Mane Room
Danesha Herron
Suite #134
Daniel Moore Hairstylist
Daniel Moore
Suite #135
Minnie's Natural Hair Lounge
Trina Allen-Johnson
Services/Specialties: Hair Extensions, Corrective color, Ethnic hair, Trichologist, Hairloss Treatments, Silk-wrap/Silk-press, Twist Out, Rod Set, Wash & Flatiron, Braid Out, Loc Maintenance, Loc Extensions, Loc Repair, Protective Styles, Wigs Installation, Crochet Weaves, Microlocs, Interlocks
Suite #136
Weapons of Mass Seduction
Phone: 901-921-7856
Suite #137
J. Bare Naturals LLC
Judy McPeak
Services/Specialties: Facials, Anti Aging, Teen, Dermaplane, Microcurrent, HighFrequency, Cavitation
Phone: 901-300-6202